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Andrei Sorokov

Exiled from the Korcari Wilds because of several indiscretions with the ladies Andrei seeks adventure and a chance to see the world. He is an accomplished scout and thrill seeker and uses his natural charm and wit to get out of most of the trouble he encounters. If that doesn’t work he is skilled with a blade or a staff. His casual attitude hides an adventurous spirit and a desire to protect the weak and downtrodden. Despite his belief to the contrary Andrei is a terrible singer.

Elora Goldhawk

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Omar Griskin

Omar defends his comrades and innocent people from beasts, monsters, and other threats. He wields his dwarven pride as he wields his sword and shield, and shouts his family name as a battle cry. His goal is to someday forge a new destiny for House Griskin on the surface, to distinguish himself in Ferelden, and to be one of the few surface dwarves to hold real power and status in the world. No matter where he goes, deep beneath his boots the Stone is still there.


She is of average height for an elf, with dark hair and brown eyes. Her most common expression is one of slight hostility and she has a slightly unkempt, wild look to her. She favors the dress of the Dalish-although from her lack of tattoos, one assumes she is not part of any tribe. Her staff is made of ironwood with runes carved throughout its length and she is often seen leaning on it when bored.

Geography of Thedas

Da maps thedas

Thedas is bounded to the east is the Amaranthine Ocean, to the west by the Tirashan and the Hunterhorn Mountains, to the south by the snowy wastes that lie beyond the Korcari Wilds, and to the north by the Donarks.

The word “Thedas” is Tevinter in origin, originally used to refer to lands that bordered the Imperium. As the Imperium lost its stranglehold on conquered nations, more and more lands became Thedas, until finally the name came to apply to the entire continent.

The northern part of Thedas is divided amongst the Anderfels, the Tevinter Imperium, Antiva, and Rivain, with the islands of Par Vollen and Seheron held by the Qunari just off the coast. Central Thedas consists of the vast stretch of city-states known as the Free Marches, as well as the nations of Nevarra and Orlais, with Ferelden to the southeast.

What lies beyond the snowy wastes of the south is a mystery. The freezing temperatures and barren land have kept even the most intrepid cartographers at bay. Similarly, the far western reaches of the Anderfels have never been fully explored, even by the Anders themselves. We do not know if the dry steppes are shadowed by mountains, or if they extend all the way to a nameless sea.

There must be other lands, continents, or islands, perhaps across the Amaranthine or north of Par Vollen, for the Qunari arrived in Thedas from somewhere, but beyond that deduction we know nothing. The idea that “the world” consists solely of the lands we know about will one day be disproved, and no doubt much to our collective dismay.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi.

Groups and Peoples of Thedas

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